Testimonials From Our Customers

What Our Customers Say?

In the past few years, we have provided thousands of hand-painted portrait oil paintings to customers around the world, and received good feedback and praise from customers.

Great artwork! The completed painting match the original photo very well, thank you. My girlfriend and me both like it very much. The painting witness our love, We will reserve it for ever.

Dafen Portrait reviews from customers


Good work, thank you.

The painting is my gift for my parents's golden wedding aniversary. They are very surprised when seeing it and it is always prominently displayed in their living room. Thanks again.

Dafen Portrait reviews from customers


Thanks again

Excellent works. The completed portrait is identical with the photo exactly. The kid's smile just like sunshine of our life. I feel very happy as long as seeing the painting.

Dafen Portrait reviews from customers


Excellent works

At the beginning I thought it must be very expensive to make my favourite photo to be oil painting. I changed my points when I received the package from vivid-portrait.com. I like myself in the painting. thank you.

Dafen Portrait reviews from customers


I like it.

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