Government Support of Dafen Oil Painting Village

 Since 2004, Longgang District has established management organizations in Dafen Oil Painting Village. The Administration Office is responsible for planning instruction, service management, promotion, reception and exchange. And other organizations are formed to support the industry and workers in the trade much more better, including Dafen Association of Art Industries, Dafen Artists Association, and the artists' floating CPC branch and Communist Youth League.

Management organization in Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village

In 2007, huge investments from the municipal government level and district government level as well were used to build Dafen Arts Museum and the public rent apartments for the artists in the village. With the investment of RMB 100 million yuan, Dafen museum has a floor area of 11000 square meters and a construction area of 16800 square meters. It is not only a museum with the largest exhibition area in Shenzhen, but also the first supporting museum in the art industrial parks in China. Governments have built 268 apartments for rent, which has largely solved the housing problems facing the art workers and artists.

Dafen Art Meseum

Dafen Art Meseum Inner

In May 2013, under the strong support of Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Administration, two important events were settled down in Dafen, namely, Shenzhen Painting Vocational Skills Contest as well as Shenzhen Appraisal Exam for Painting Vocational Skills. According to talent attraction policies in Shenzhen, relevant credits of registered permanent residence will be granted to the people who pass the exam or win awards in the contest. The preferential talent policy, the first one in China, is established solely for the art talents, which will solve the registered permanent residence problems for the art workers in the city, including those in Dafen, in a more convenient and comprehensive way.

Dafen Oil Painting Square

For many years, Longgang District People's Government have actively organized and encouraged Dafen enterprises to Go Out to participate in specialized exhibitions, so as to strengthen exchange and communication with domestic and foreign markets, and further promote Dafen's image as well. In the lunar new year of 2015, under the strong support of the government, Dafen Oil Painting Village made its debut as a collective brand in U.S.A.: the village aroused amazing interests in the World Lantern Carnival in Sacramento, the capital of California.

 Dafen Village participates in oil painting exhibition

Dafen Oil Painting Exhibition

Besides the booming original works, Dafen art dealers also seek transformation by introducing the mobile Internet. Based on the "Internet +"innovation, Dafen industrial model is fusing the comprehensive online and offline development. Some small galleries have gone to the extent of launching crowd-funding and customized orders. E-commerce platforms are rising in Dafen, such as Micro Dafen, Xinling Art Networks, Mobile Dafen, Art Treasure Hunting, Creative Fair, etc. According to incomplete data, more than 60% Dafen art dealers have opened Internet marketing platforms.