Transformation like a colorful butterfly of Dafen Oil Painti

 In 2008, the global financial crisis caused a massive Shockwave on Dafen Oil Painting Village by markedly reducing export orders. The enterprises in the village were seriously challenged. After 2009, the village has seen an active industrial upgrading initiated by the government: expanding of domestic market, development of products with intellectual properties, promotion of original works, introduction or forming of leading enterprises, etc.

 Since 2012, Longgang District People's Government and Chinese Artists Association have co-hosted the National (Dafen) Oil Painting Exhibition for Young and Middle-Aged Artists every year. The exhibition not only provides a high-level exchange platform for Dafen original works, but also boosts the industrial upgrading and transformation for Dafen. From Jan. 6th to Jan. 17th, 2017, the National Art Museum of China hosted the 5th National (Dafen) Oil Painting Exhibition for Young and Middle-Aged Artists & National Excellent Oil Painting Works Exhibition for Young and Middle-Aged Artists, where the excellent art works for the past 5 years as well as the works selected in the 5th exhibition were exhibited. 2018, another international high-end art exhibition brand — China DaFen International Painting Exhibition Biennale- will be hold in DaFen. Artists from all over the world will gather in ShenZhen, and DaFen will be a veritable international art urban area by then. Moreover, each year on a routine basis, the Administration Office of Dafen Oil Painting Village sponsors local artists to do field sketching, thus to promote their skills in original creation.


 Original creation is booming in the village. A growing number of Dafen original artists are emerging in the horizon. According to statistic data, at present, more than 200 original artists live in Dafen. Among them, there are 30 members of China Artists Association, 76 members of the artists association at the provincial level, and 150-odd members at the municipal level. In the important Chinese art exhibitions, Dafen is seen more and more frequently. In the previous five years, more than 100 fine works by Dafen original artists were selected by the art exhibitions at provincial or national level.