portrait painting is a good gift

Whether it is the East or the West, no matter the creation of any material, the person himself is always an inescapable object. The creation of portraits should never stop when people pick up brushes. Portrait painting is a very important spiritual wealth that a person buys after he has money. It's not just material wealth. If someone is proud of retaining the portrait of the Dutch painter Rembrandt, it's not as important as your ancestors painted portraits by painters like Rembrandt. Therefore, the collection value of portraits is not low.

The most different photo is from a portrait. The artist wants to create another photo based on the photo. A hand-painted oil painting is a unique gift in the world.
It is necessary to send portrait oil paintings in 10 occasions summarized by the portrait network.

  • Father's Day Mother's Day, parent's birthday
  • Give the portrait of the elder as a gift
  • Portraits of ancestors, old photographs painted in oil. Portrait of ancestors
  • Couple portrait oil painting
  • Customized portraits of heroes
  • Valentine's Day portrait gift
  • New marriage, golden marriage, silver marriage
  • Marriage Remembrance Day, wedding oil painting portrait
  • Children's portraits of children's growth records, children's time is the most beautiful stage of people carefree
  • Wedding wishes, gift portrait customization